Krista Papista

Krista Papista is an electronic Sordid Pop musician/ producer who writes and records herself in her DIY home studio in London. The Cypriot/ Australian Krista Manison has been producing music for over 10 years; her signature sound unravels elements of Riot Girl Chicness / Euphoric-Meltdown synth harmonies / Requiem Ballads / Homo-electro/ Noir Trumpets and Rabbit-hole Transitions. Papista's music is characterised by her soulful, contralto vocals which are accompanied by aggressive, penetrating beats, cinematic sounds and crude lyrics that are fuelled with sarcasm and contradictions.
In 2012 she self-released her album "Krista Papista" and has collaborated with DJ/ producer Jimmy Edgar on a remix of her single "Dirty Boy Dancer". Papista directs all her music videos.

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Big thanks to mega chic designer Youjia Jin for sending me her coats for ‘Bad F’ #musicvideo #chic #designer #badf

Photo credits: Vik Beshpavora

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